Planted Tank - Basic Information

Starting a planted tank- difficult first steps?

Introduction A new aquarium is always lovely but can quickly become frustrating. Algae is often the main culprit, new tanks can face an explosion of algae in the second or third week, usually in the form of diatoms like below. This almost always happens if the tank is run with high light and has not […]

How to stabilize a new planted tank

The tank above was grown in in less than 6 weeks, in a tank that was not pre-cycled. This guide explains on how to smoothen out the maturation process for folks that are in a rush to finish their planted tank projects and do not have time to let their tanks mature normally. What makes […]

00. Beginner’s guide to avoiding nonaquatic plants at shops

The tank above looks good to the eye but contains a few non-aquatic plant species. Beginner’s guide to avoiding nonaquatic plants at shops Introduction Planted aquariums are becoming increasingly popular, and aquarium shops can stock a bewildering number of plant species. The biggest pitfall for beginners is that aquarium shops often stock nonaquatic plant species that […]

How to grow carpet plants without injected CO2

Everyone loves carpets. However, as smaller plants that grow on the substrate they have less access to light and are more delicate than larger, robust plants. With a little specialized attention, various carpets can be grown with high success rates in a low tech tank. 3 challenges to overcome Growing a carpet without the help […]

10. Fish Tank vs Planted Tank? 7 Differences

fish tank lighting planted tank lighting ‘Brightness’ matters to see fish / colours. Strength and colour spectrum critical for plant growth and coloration. Applicable measure: Lumens / Watt. Relevant measure: Umols of PAR. Stock lighting that came with the tank works, fishes will not complain about light quality. Much larger range of products to choose […]

07. Low tech setups – 5 choices to maximise success

It is possible to have a healthy, low maintenance and visually stunning low tech planted tank without the use of injected CO2, in the same vein that one can make a good cup of coffee without an espresso machine. The coffee will be different, but can be just as good. If you are setting up […]

02. 2Hr Way by Dennis Wong

A vibrant, enduring, algae-free tank starts with the right plant choice. Plants in 2Hr Tanks are chosen according to 5 key attributes: water parameters (hardness, pH etc.), lighting (primarily strength), nutrition (which includes CO2), space and upkeep- the skills / effort required for maintenance. The technology behind 2Hr Tanks centres on (a) lighting, (b) water […]

05. Creating Aquascapes

5 popular styles Aquascaping styles have become more blended over the years, with digital media allowing international artists to learn more quickly from each other. Some styles such as Dutch aquascapes are formalised by competition rules. Others are characterised by their popularity in certain regions / countries, and do not have precise definitions in terms […]

03. Growing Plants

grow anything It is surprisingly easy to ‘grow anything’ and by this we mean 99% of commercially available aquatic plants. This does require a solid foundation (read more about in Knowledge base) and a good understanding of the needs of the plants we look to grow- covered in this section.   growing carpets In nature, carpeting […]

01. Planted tank 101 ~ Let’s Get Started!

Lighting For a thriving planted tank, strength and spread matters. A low light tank is easier to maintain, but is more suited to shade-plants that generally have less color. The majority of vibrantly colored plants require strong lighting, and the right color spectrum to reveal their best form. Read more here. Water Fish and plants […]

08. Plants that work for Low Tech Tank?

10 Best Low Tech Plants Crypts or Cryptocoryne Microsorum pteropus (java fern) Anubias barteri ‘nana’ Ceratopteris thalictroides Hygrophila difformis Rotala rotundifolia Hemianthus glomeratus (Pearlweed) Vallisneria & Sagittaria species  Nymphaea species (N. zenkeri, N. stellata, N. rubra) Mosses (java, flame, christmas, weeping, anchor)   Click here to read the full article

06. Low Tech Tank?

3 Growth Pillars of Planted Tank