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Your personal guide to know about Soil, Filters, CO2, Algae Control, Fertilizers & Dosing, Aquatic Plants & more

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Planted Tank - Basic Information

The Definitive Nature Aquarium Setup Guide, All aquarium plants need three things for growth. Aquarium plants that don't get enough of each wi...

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Written by Dennis Wong 


Choosing a tank for your initial planted aquarium setup is like picking a computer motherboard. It is a key "fixed parameter" that is gen...

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Written by Dennis Wong 

Soil & Substrate

In Nature Aquarium, the substrate is a very important component. This is where the aquatic plants are planted and then spread their roots for growt...

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Written by Dennis Wong, ADA Journal, 

Filters & Media

Having good flow in the tank that sweeps debris towards filter intake keeps the tank cleaner for longer. Overall tank cleanliness is one of the fun...

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Written by Dennis Wong, ADA Journal, 

Light & Lighting Control

WHAT LIGHT REALLY MATTERS? Different light wavelengths (including portions of the UV spectrum outside of PAR) stimulate different hormonal changes...

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Written by Dennis Wong 

CO2 System

In a planted aquarium, injected carbon dioxide (CO2) boosts growth speed as well as quality, and has high impact regardless whether you use low or ...

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Written by Dennis Wong 

Fertilizers & Dosing

Do I really need fertilizers for my aquarium? There are so many choices in the market- which is the right one for me?

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Written by Dennis Wong 

Water Parameters

The quality of water in the Nature Aquarium water is kept in good condition by the photosynthesis and healthy growth of aquatic plants, which there...

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Written by Dennis Wong, ADA Journal, 

Algae Control

Carbohydrates and ammonia emitted from decaying plant leaves or other forms of organic waste trigger algae spores to bloom. This is the direct reas...

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Written by Dennis Wong, ADA Journal, 

Layout Materials

Layout Material Selection Made Simple "Are you at a loss as to what materials to choose?" Can't decide whether to choose driftwood...

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Written by ADA Journal 


Aquatic Plants that form beautiful thickets are a part of the great charm of the planted aquarium. It is commonly believed that growing plants is e...

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Written by Dennis Wong 

Live Stock

To support the landscape approach of an aquascape it is best to choose small fish. Finding the best fish to compliment a planted aquascape can be c...

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Written by Dennis Wong 

Popular Topics

If your plants don't seem to be able to survive for long in your aquarium, one reason might be that these are not aquatic plants in the first ...

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Written by Admin, Dennis Wong, 

In-depth Guide

In-depth articles on Soil, Light, Scape and others

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Written by Dennis Wong, ADA Journal, Dr. Anurag Gupta, 

Aquascaping Style

Aquascaping styles have become more blended over the years, with digital media allowing international artists to learn more quickly from each other...

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Written by Dennis Wong 

Aquascaping Contest & Layouts

Aquascaping has gone past the limit of being just a hobby, it has become a valued art. Contains some award winning scapes and also trying to help y...

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Written by Admin, Somen Banerjee, Josh Sim, 
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Learn Best PracticesYour personal guide to a Healthy Nature Aquarium. This portal is an online resource that provides information and resources related to a particular topic or field and the intention to help hobbyists learn about the principles and techniques involved in creating and maintaining these types of aquariums. This portal can be valuable resources for beginners as well as experienced hobbyists looking to expand their knowledge and skills.

Generally Nature Aquarium require careful planning and maintenance to ensure the health of the aquatic life and the aesthetic appeal of the aquarium. Additionally, there are specialized products available for both types of aquariums, such as CO2 injection systems and specialized lighting systems.